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Simple, Elegant, Stylish Cremation Urns

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you do not find your answer here please feel free to contact us.

Am I allowed to store ashes in any type vessel?

Because the body is cremated at such a high temperature all micro-organisms are destroyed. Remaining ashes are inert. There is therefore, no public health risks associated with handling ashes.

Refer to for further details.

What size Urn do I buy

Cremated ashes can vary in volume amount. This is mainly due to bone structure of the deceased, height and age. Weight does not affect the size of the urn required as fat is a combustible element of nature and naturally disappears.

We have 3 size urns to choose from

  • Large: store adult ashes i.e., 183 cm (6’ tall and above).
    The ashes volume is between 3.1-3.6 litres.
  • Medium: store smaller adult/ child ashes 152cm (5’-6’tall).
    The ashes volume is 2.2 litres.
  • Memento: designed to hold a token of ashes.
    Many people like to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a special place and keep some as a memorial tribute, or where ashes are split between family members.

If you are unsure, please contact your crematorium or funeral director to confirm exact volume of the ashes to determine what size urn would suit you best.

How do I transfer the ashes to the urn?

With every purchase we provide a satin drawstring sleeve. This sleeve is optional however its purpose is to contain the ashes and allow then to be easily transferrable.

This satchel can be slipped into the urn prior to transferring the ashes.

  1. Slip the empty sleeve into the urn
    *ensure there is an overhang around the rim of the urn.
  2. Once the sleeve is in position, use a funnel and slowly pour the ashes into the urn.
  3. Once completed, pull the draw strings and tie off then gently tuck into the urn.

We provide an instruction card to guide you through transferring the ashes into the urn.

Note: Elegant Urns provides the information on this page as a guide only. Elegant Urns shall not be held responsible for any situation where all the ashes do not fit in the urn.